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Student Program at the Donaueschinger Musiktage Seminars, dialogues and participations for and with performers, composers and media artists.

Tutors: Sonja Lena Schmid, Teresa Carrasco, Michel Roth, Michael Kunkel, Phileas Baun

A project by the Basel Academy of Music, Hochschule für Musik Trossingen, Musikhochschule Bern and Donaueschinger Musiktage.

This year, the Festival Donaueschinger Musiktage is once again offering 95 music students* the chance to attend nearly all concerts of the festival, take part in seminars and workshops and to acquaint themselves with those involved in the festival through dialogues and discussions.

The Next Generation program takes up current discourses: what preoccupies the emerging generation of composers and performers? What are their points of orientation? What are their frames of reference? What do they set themselves apart from?

In discussion groups and seminars, the students will subject their own work and this year’s festival program to intense examination. During the Winnie-LAB "Embodied Musical-Gestural Creations”, the students realize and present own artistic ideas under the direction of the composer, performer and curator Winnie Huang (Australia/Belgium). The “Breakout Sessions” give space for free discussions led by the students themselves about events and experiences at the 2022 edition of Donaueschinger Musiktage.

The complete course program will be published in September 2022.

Enrolment Facts
The price for the complete package is 180 €**, which covers the following:

Accommodation and breakfast at the youth hostel in Jugendherberge Rottweil (allocation of the rooms will be carried out by the organizer)
Bus transfers between the hostel in Rottweil and the event venues in Donaueschingen
Participation in the events of the Next Generation program (seminars, dialogues and workshops)
Tickets for the festival concerts (one performance for repeated concerts, excluded: Karl-Sczuka-Preises, Next Generation cannot guarantee access to all festival events)
Official festival program catalogue
Welcome reception at the Donauhallen on Wednesday 12 October 7pm including a meal
* Participation is only possible with a valid Certificate of matriculation. Students interested in acquiring credits for a bachelor or masters program can receive a Certificate of participation.
**Participants who do not require accommodation will pay 90 € for the concerts and other events.

Organizational Information
The enrolment obliges the participant to attend the whole course program.

Arrival & Departure

Participating students must arrive in Donaueschingen by Wednesday 12 October at the latest in order to take part in the Next Generation program. Anyone arriving later will be unable to participate!

The program ends around 8 pm on Sunday 16 October. Departure can take place either directly thereafter or on the morning of Monday 17 October.

Instruments & Rehearsals during the program

Participants, who carry instruments with them, are responsible for their instruments by themselves. Instruments may have to be stored in luggage buses during concerts. It is not possible, to provide any rehearsal rooms during the program, neither in Donaueschingen nor in Rottweil.

Meals & Schedule

Please note, that the program schedule is very full (usually from around 9am to evening) and that participants have to organize their meals by themselves. Breakfast is included for those, who chose accommodation at the youth hostel.

Enrolment can take place until 15 August 2022!

The program is already fully booked! If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please send an email to aGVpa2UuZm9laHJlbmJhY2hAZG9uYXVlc2NoaW5nZW4uZGU=


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