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Tips for Teaching Articulation

Cream tea or green tea? What you get in that London café depends on your articulation. Correct pronunciation is often essential to understanding. This course will focus on the pitfalls of English and provide fun activities to practice pronunciation.

In many cases, correct pronunciation is essential to understanding. The purpose of this course is to review the sounds of the English language, especially contrastive pairs, then delve into ways to help students train their ears to hear the difference and their tongues to formulate English sounds correctly. Come along and explore an area of language that is sorely neglected in our textbooks. Give your students that added bit of confidence when speaking and have fun doing it!


Sekundarstufe I


CHF 320.00 (CHF 288.00 für Lehrpersonen Volksschule in Anstellung AG/SO)


AG: 100% Kanton (A), SO: 50% Kanton / 50% Gemeinde (B)


Wendy Swanson, Lehrerin Sekundarstufe I


Interesse? Tel. 056 202 83 84


Institut Weiterbildung und Beratung, Windisch

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW Pädagogische Hochschule Institut Weiterbildung und Beratung Bahnhofstrasse 6 5210 Windisch
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