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University of Applied Sciences, Vienna

Cooperation projects on the subject of intelligent data management of enterprises for business developers. Workshops with representatives of business and innovation promotion are carried out in parallel in Switzerland and Austria by the FHNW and the FH Vienna. On the basis of these, problem areas in data management are identified and solutions worked out with IT experts. The results of the workshops are used to elaborate a research proposal for a follow-on project on the subject.

Contact: Tina Haisch, dGluYS5oYWlzY2hAZmhudy5jaA==

Practice projects with the Centre for Research Clusters SMEs & Family Businesses

Contact: Tina Haisch, dGluYS5oYWlzY2hAZmhudy5jaA==

Cooperation in the field of ethics for undergraduate education and corporate governance

Contact: Andreas Brenner, YW5kcmVhcy5icmVubmVyQGZobncuY2g=

Social Media FHNW School of Business