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Chamber music

Aspiring a career as a chamber music ensemble

Key data

Master of Arts FHNW in Spezialisierter Musikalischer Performance, Studienrichtung Kammermusik
ECTS points
Start of semester
Beginning of September
Studying mode
Full time
4 semesters
Teaching language
German, A2 level in German required
Campus Musik-Akademie Basel
Application fee
200 CHF
Semester fee
700 CHF (CH) | 1000 CHF (EU/EFTA) | 1250 CHF (Not-EU/Not-EFTA) More Fees


You may apply between 15th December and 15th February.

The FHNW Master of Arts in Specialised Music Performance with a Chamber Music Major is intended for ensembles (with at least three performers) who already share a musical biography and have a clear professional focus as an ensemble. This programme represents the highest instrumental and interpretational level and is reserved for ensembles who can demonstrate exceptional musical abilities and a distinct stage presence and stage aptitude.

Primed for competitions and concerts

Over two years, students will be given the opportunity to prepare for a career in chamber music in a goal-oriented, intensive manner, under the leadership of exceptional artists and lecturers. Besides preparing for concerts and competitions, the focus of this graduate programme is on continuous ensemble work.

At least one member of the ensemble must be properly matriculated at the School of Music in Basel

Course description

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