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Work and Health

Structuring work in a way that promotes health

The way in which work is organised can be motivating and conducive to good health – but it can also affect performance and be damaging to our health.

In our cooperation projects and continuing education courses, we are contributing towards working conditions and management being structured in a healthier way. We are also encouraging managers, teams and individual employees to take personal responsibility in increasingly flexible, “digitised” and results-driven work systems. In particular, we provide sound and precise information on how results-orientated (“indirect”) performance management can be successfully implemented within businesses in the long term, in a way which takes advantage of opportunities and reduces risks (e.g. self-endangerment).

Selected Projects

A positive approach to indirect control

to A positive approach to indirect control

Psychosocial risk assessment

to Psychosocial risk assessment

Conflict & health in agility

to Conflict & health in agility

Selected Publications

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