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Occupational Health Management (OHM)

Spread and implementation of OHM

Occupational health management (OHM) is the systematic optimisation of health-related factors within an organisation. By designing operational structures and processes, OHM creates favourable conditions for the health of employees and thus contributes to the organisation’s success. OHM requires the involvement of all groups of people in the organisation, is integrated into its management, and is expressed in its culture (Füllemann, Inauen, Jenny, Moser & Bauer, 2017).
We study the spread and implementation of OHM in Swiss organisations and are interested in how best practice in OHM can be replicated and spread. Digital tools are increasingly being used to implement OHM. We are interested in how the design of digital tools can promote the involvement of employees and managers.

Selected Projects (German only)


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Selected Publications