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Framework for promoting team resilience

We are looking for companies as practice partners: As part of a research project, we are developing a framework for systematically promoting team resilience.

The goal of this research project is to develop a framework for the promotion of team resilience that is scientifically based and aligned with the needs of practitioners.

For example, the framework can be used by

• An organizational developer who wants to empower leaders to build team resilience in their teams.
• An agile coach looking for a scalable approach to strengthen self-organization in agile teams.
• A team leader who wants to promote psychological safety among her employees.
• A Scrum Master who wants to promote social interaction in his team.
We are looking for companies as practice partners for this research project.

Benefits for participating companies/departments:

• You will get to know concrete fields of action that can be used to promote team resilience in the long term.
• Your teams will be scientifically accompanied in their development (incl. customized processing of the results of the accompanying research).
• You will receive support in the implementation (e.g. training, coaching).


• We are looking for teams that are willing to invest about two hours per month for half a year in strengthening their team resilience.
Your contribution as a practice partner:
• You offer your employees' working time for the collection of research data (interviews, surveys).
We would be happy to discuss the details with you.

Preliminary Study:

A preliminary study will be conducted from April 2023 to gather first experiences and indications for the use of the framework. It will serve to test the comprehensibility and usability of the tool. Are you interested? Get in touch with us.

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Project dates

Marcel Baumgartner
Project startApril 2023