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Gender Equality Index

29.9.2021 | Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel, Institut Digitale Kommunikations-Umgebungen

Erica David + Giulia Zafferani’s, Master students at Institute Digital Communication Environments (IDCE), were part of this year's Graphic Days Torino.

Erica David's + Giulia Zafferani's project is based on the Gender Equality Index database, a statistical project of the European Institute for Gender Equality. This index is a composite indicator that measures the concept of gender equality and, based on the EU policy framework, helps monitor the progress of gender equality in the European Union over time.

The book, they presented at Graphic Days Torino was made in Ted Davis' Digital Cultures – basil.js course last year, where Erica David and Giulia Zafferani visualized the 2020 EU Gender Equality Index using a mixture of generative graphics and typography. basil.js is a Processing inspired library for creative coding within InDesign, initiated by the Institute Digital Communication Environments (IDCE) in 2013.

Erica David + Giulia Zafferani chose this topic because they believe it is not yet widely discussed and also because they were curious to learn more about the European situation.

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