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27.4.2022 | Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel, Institut Vermittlung von Kunst und Design

APPLAUS: Prof. Dr. Dorothée King

Prof. Dr. Dorothée King, head of Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE), to mentor 50 diverse socio-cultural initiatives with the programme Revision:X of FondsSoziokultur (D) in 2022.

With Profil:Soziokultur, the Fonds Soziokultur (Sociocultural Fund) has launched a funding programme for development and change processes. After almost two years of immense challenges for those responsible for participatory project work on site, the funding is now aimed at systematic stabilization and future-proof profiling of sociocultural independent sponsors.

In this way, the Fonds Soziokultur aims to contribute to strengthening and anchoring reliable actors in cultural work, socioculture, cultural education and media culture work. They offer opportunities for cultural and social participation and thus contribute to cultural democracy.

Within the framework of Re:Vision X, the Fonds Soziokultur would like to be a platform for networking and transfer as well as an impulse generator for innovation and to accompany the work of the sponsors thematically, in addition to providing financial support for the processes.

Dorothée King is part of a group of international mentors, who supports over 300 projects of diverse socio-cultural initiatives.

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