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Scripting-Library basil.js

basil.js ist eine Scripting Library, welche am Institut für Visuelle Kommunikation entwickelt wurde und nun als Open-Source der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung steht.

Have you ever wanted to ...

– export 10,000 mass-customized copies of your InDesign document?
– use spatial-tiling algorithms to create your layouts?
– pass real-time data from any source directly into your InDesign project?
– create color palettes based on algorithms?
– or simply reconsider what print can be?

basil.js is ...

– making scripting in InDesign available to designers and artists.
– in the spirit of Processing and easy to learn.
– based on JavaScript and extends the existing API of InDesign.
– a project by The Basel School of Design in Switzerland.
– has been released as open source in February 2013!

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