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The Frescoes of the “Music Room” at Castel Toblino (Italy)

In recent years at Castel Toblino, a historic complex dating back to the 12th century and since the 16th century the peripheral seat of the court of the prince-bishops of Trento, frescoes with musical subjects of exceptional importance have emerged, presented in the essay by F. Dassenno (in: “Studi Trentini, Arte” 2021, vol. 2).

The Accademia di Musica Antica of Rovereto has decided to dedicate a series of teaching and study activities to this discovery as part of the 28th edition of Euregiomusica Premio Bonporti - International Baroque Violin Competition, in scientific and artistic-musical collaboration with the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and the Castel Toblino Cultural Association.

The focus of the project is the in-depth study of the historical-musical and organological characteristics of the pictorial complex of Castel Toblino and the problems it poses as a very particular, if not unique, case study in the international context.

From a methodological and organisational point of view, it was decided to organise the day around a number of themes, with basic papers distributed in advance to scholars invited to intervene and ‘respond’ as discussants. The study day is open to all interested people; the discussion at the end of each section will be open to all participants.

Scientific coordination:
Martina Papiro - Schola Cantorum Basiliensis
Romano Vettori - Academy of Ancient Music

Die Veranstaltung findet live vor Ort und auf Zoom statt: Weitere Informationen

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