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Hind Al-Shoubaki, PhD

Hind Al-Shoubaki, PhD

Hind Al-Shoubaki, PhD

Aus-, Weiterbildung und Berufserfahrung

  • Post-doc in Urban Planning Research topic: Urban security planning models: emergency management and the resilience of protected areas following the natural disasters.
  • Ph.D. in Urban Planning Research topic: War victims and the right to a city: the role of integrating urban planning in emergency".
  • Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering Research topic: the role of humanitarian architecture in improving livability and health of refugee community.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering


  • Forced displacement in the Levant region.
  • Contemporary urbanism issues and urban resilience.
  • Spatial planning in emergencies.
  • Refugee camps and emergency management.

Mitgliedschaften, Review- & Kommissionstätigkeiten

  • Member at Fachverband Schweizer Raumplaner (FSU)
  • Member the Italian Society of Urban Planners Società Italiana degli Urbanisti (SIU)
  • Member at the scientific committee of the International Aid of the Luxembourg Red Cross (AICRL)

Publikationen & Projekte

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