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Module description - Manufacturing 1
(Fertigungstechnik 1)

ECTS 3.0
Aspiration level Bloom 2-4
Learning objectives The students
- understand the basic processes in cutting.
- can optimize the cutting process in relation to operational requirements.
- are familiar with high-speed-cutting machining its advantages and disadvantages.
- know the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a network of manufacturing machines
- understand computer-aided manufacturing (CAD / CAM processes).
- now the major classes of lasers and laser applications.
- understand the fundamental processes of a laser.
- grasp the important role of the beam parameters in concrete applications.
- can coordinate lasers and processes.
Summary Requirements for machine tools
- Chip formation, cutting materials and coatings, wear and durability, cutting volume.
- High-speed cutting (HSC) and High Performance Machining (HPM).
- Minimal quantity lubrication (MMS).
- Networking of manufacturing resources. CAD-CAM coupling. Interface problems.
- Laser mechanisms and parameters; wavelength and absorption; beam characterization; beam control and optical fiber; Laser safety.
- CO2 laser. solid-state lasers, fiber lasers.
- Laser material processes.
- Laser drilling, laser cutting, laser welding, laser engraving.
- Micro-and nano machining using laser.
- Technology comparisons.
Previous knowledge Production and logistics
Performance assessment displaced module test Grades acquired during semester and a written module-end test (WIng)
Date 8/11/2007
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