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Research Group Digitalisation and Internationalisation

The focus theme “International Market Strategies for SME” has incorporated an international research group, with scholars from the Institute for Competitiveness and Communication (ICC) at the FHNW School of Business in Switzerland and other universities, collaborating with the aim to understand the interplay between Digitalisation and Internationalisation in light of digital transformation, digital technologies, organisational strategies and capabilities, as well as cybersecurity and new work.

The international research group is initially formed with researchers from the FHNW School of Business in Switzerland (covering European markets) and Charles Sturt University in Australia (covering Asia-Pacific markets). A research agenda will be developed for 2023-2028 and research partnerships (including research sponsors) shall be established. Future research partners might include corporations and additional universities (covering the regions of the Americas, Africa, China and the Middle East).

Please contact Dr Johan Lindeque or Prof Dr Marc K Peter for further information.

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Team Members of the Research Group Digitalisation and Internationalisation

Switzerland: FHNW School of Business

Dr Johan Lindequee Dr Johan Lindeque

Johan Lindeque is lecturer and Head of the focus International Market Strategies for SMEs at the FHNW School of Business. His research focuses on SMEs’ strategic responses to transition processes, including the digital transformation of society, sustainability transition and economic (de-)integration processes in Europe. He is a member of the Journal of World Business editorial review board, the Journal of International Business Studies editorial review board and has published in the British Journal of Management, Industry and Innovation, Journal of Common Market Studies, Management International Review and Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.
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Prof Dr Marc K Peter Prof Dr Marc K Peter
Marc K Peter is a Professor of Digital Business and Head of the Competence Center Digital Transformation at the FHNW School of Business, and Adjunct Professor at Charles Sturt University, Australia. Following a career at eBay, E*TRADE and LexisNexis in Europe and Asia-Pacific, his research and teaching focus is strategy development, digital transformation, digital marketing and cybersecurity. He studied Electronic Business Engineering at BFH, Corporate Finance at UC Berkeley, obtained his Master of Marketing from the University of Basel, Executive MBA from BFH / Babson College / PKU and Doctor of Business Administration from CSU. He is a Fellow of both the British Computer Society and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
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Australia: Charles Sturt University, School of Business

Dr Alain Neher Dr Alain Neher
Alain Neher is the Associate Head of School and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business at Charles Sturt University. He graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich (Switzerland) before completing two Masters Degrees at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland) and a Doctorate at Charles Sturt University (Australia). Alain has over 25 years of work experience including management roles in private and public organisations as well as in a not-for-profit organisation operating in a multinational environment. Alain is passionate about understanding the world of work and the potential for employees to develop professionally within their organisations, and loves to share his expertise and knowledge with students across a variety of modes.
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Dr Alfred Huah-Syn Wong Dr Alfred Huah-Syn Wong
Alfred Wong is Senior Lecturer at the School of Business, Charles Stuart University, Australia. His main research interests include volatility of financial markets, sustainability, health care economics and workplace transformation. His recent work focuses on the role of ESG in executive compensation, stock return resiliency and workplace transformation. He has published in various academic journals including the Journal of Futures Markets, Finance Research Letters and Sustainability. Alfred is a holder of the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) designation certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, USA.
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Dr Lucia Wuersch Dr Lucia Wuersch
Lucia Wuersch completed her PhD in Communication following her BA and MA in Science of Communication and more than 10 years of professional experience as a communication professional in Switzerland and internationally. She currently works as a research fellow and adjunct lecturer at the School of Business at Charles Sturt University. Her research includes, but is not limited to, organisational communication and relationship management. She works on a range of communication projects, such as the digital transformation of remote work settings, and health professionals’ fall-reduction training using virtual reality. Lucia focuses on qualitative research methodologies.
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