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Graduation 2023

We congratulate our bachelor’s and master's students on the successful completion of their studies.

Graduates of our business programmes in the study locations Basel, Brugg and Olten were proud to receive their degrees after the completion of their studies. The FHNW School of Business wishes them every success and fulfilment on their career path in the working world or in the continuation of their education.

Markus Freiburghaus

"Your exceptional commitment and your hunger for knowledge were decisive for your graduation in a particularly demanding year, that required remarkable flexibility from everyone. I congratulate you for this and wish you all the best for your future, on both a professional and a personal level."

Charlotte Hofstetter, Head of Education FHNW School of Business

Graduation ceremonies autumn 2023

30.09.2023: Campus Brugg-Windisch (Bachelor)

29.09.2023: Campus Olten (Master)

29.09.2023: Campus Basel (Bachelor)

28.09.2023: Campus Olten (Bachelor)

24.03.2023 - Campus Olten (Bachelor & Master)

24.03.2023 - Campus Basel (Bachelor)