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25.9.2023 | School of Business

New Double Degree Programmes at Bachelor's Level

The FHNW School of Business is introducing double degree programmes in collaboration with prestigious universities from around the globe.

Starting in Autumn 2024, bachelor students in BSc Betriebsökonomie, BSc Business Administration (International Management) and BSc Business Information Technology will have the opportunity to pursue an additional degree from one of the following esteemed institutions: British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada, Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

The introduction of double degree programmes will empower our students to excel in an increasingly interconnected world providing them with a truly global educational experience and fostering intercultural competencies. Through these new academic offers, students will elevate their skills in the business domain while cultivating invaluable international networks.

«Double Degree Programmes represent an excellent opportunity for our bachelor students to enrich their education and career prospects, broaden their horizons, and gain valuable international experience.»

Prof. Dr. Anya Nikoulina, Head of BSc Business Administration (International Management)

We look forward to our students starting their double degrees and are getting ready to welcome first incoming double degree students from Canada, Hong Kong and Finland in Autumn 2024.

Double Degrees

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