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Game Development - Skills for teacher and art educators

Workshop Speak Up and Lead at the Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE)

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3 May 2024
1 week
Teaching language
German / English
CHF 500.– (view fees)
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Games have become the teen generation's favorite medium and inspire with their possibilities beyond the boundaries of screens. The design and development of games offers both: fun and participation. This training teaches how game development can be integrated into various school contexts and teaching settings through free software, online learning resources and AI assistance to support young people individually.

In the six units of the continuing education program, we will delve into the following topics in the form of practical experiments and theoretical input:

Let's Play
By "gaming" together, we will approach the medium in a theoretical and artistic way and try to classify the social and cultural impact of games.

How are games made?
You will get to know the free development software "unity", which beginners and professionals alike can work with. You will also gain practical and applicable insights into the connected programming language C#.

Using AI assistants for coding correctly
You will experience how Chat GPT revolutionises coding, facilitates the learning process and how you can recognise artificial intelligence errors.

How are games designed?
You will gain insights into the design and staging of digital worlds that you can pass on to interested young people and students.

We will critically discuss the possibilities for pedagogy and educational settings.

Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE)

Art and design, and imparting their contents open up new ways of perceiving and shaping the world. Learning in art and design is marked by an intense experience of self-agency and dealing with highly diverse contexts.

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Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE)

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Basel Academy of Art and Design, Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE) Building: A 1.18 Oslo-Strasse 3 CH - 4142 Münchenstein near Basel