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Stitching Life: Making a Meaning

Over the course of two weekends, we will explore the topic of meaning in textile expression. In addition to our own experiences, which we will transfer together into thread work, you will get to know central philosophical texts and questions in textile arts. Using your own textile work, you will practice how perception and meaning are connected and can find their expression in embroidery.

Key data

ECTS points
Next start
14 June 2024
1 week
Final application date
Fri, 17.5.2024
Teaching language
German / English
CHF 900.– (view fees)
Study mode

What meaning flows into the individual textile work and can this meaning be communicated to the outside world in an understandable way? In the first part, we will focus on our own sensory perception and its recording. With the help of two mind maps, we will organize our own impressions and give them a new form that is recognizable to outsiders as thread work. We will be accompanied by texts ranging from Wittgenstein's private language argument to Miranda Fricker's concept of hermeneutic injustice. We will discuss selected theses and examine their validity in the textile work. Personal embroidery will add a tangible dimension to the discussions.
In the second part, you will embroider a portrait / fragment of someone close to you. Here, too, we will be accompanied by text excerpts from Adriana Cavarero, Hannah Arendt or Louise Bourgeois. The aim is to enrich the content of the embroidery with the questions from the texts. In this way, your personal questions are "embroidered" and "interwoven" in the portrait you create, resulting in a new visual narrative that combines language and materiality. Together with the content learned in Part 1, you will receive a comprehensive repertoire of tools to give your ideas an artistic expression.

Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE)

Art and design, and imparting their contents open up new ways of perceiving and shaping the world. Learning in art and design is marked by an intense experience of self-agency and dealing with highly diverse contexts.

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